1. Introduction

The Selangor Bar Library was established in 1997 and housed in then Selangor Bar Legal Aid Centre in Klang. The Selangor Bar Library is set up to fulfill the research and information needs of the practitioner. Due to the rapid growth of the Bar, the Selangor Bar library has undergone a transformation from small space on the first floor of the original building to the full floor plus an extension into the adjoining building. Given the whole new look, the quaintly renovated library which carries more than 3000 books is absolute haven for legal practitioners.

2. Collection

An extensive collection in a library catering to research and information needs of the legal practitioner should have a good collection of both primary and secondary sources of law. Primary source contains the actual law. Secondary sources which excludes cases statutes and regulation are materials, which comment, explain and annotate on the primary source.
Since its establishment, have seen gradual increase in the number of law reports and textbooks and updating of existing law reports and local legislation. The library strives to provide at least one essential current resource for each practice area.
Our library now houses all the major law reports including MLJ, CLJ, AMR, ILR, All England Law Reports and Halsbury’s Law of Malaysia.
A complete list of the books is detailed in the link below:

(Link for list of books, Law Reports and Magazines)

3.Library Services/ Facilities

The Library is open to all Member’s and Pupils of Selangor Bar Committee. As the library is essentially a reference library, all the materials in its collection are for use within the library premises only.
The Library has been equipped with wireless Internet Access. Therefore, members who work form their own laptops in the library will have the Free Access to the internet at the convenience.
With collaboration between LexisNexis established, legal research is now available for each and every member of the Selangor Bar. The library also has CLJ, e-Law.my and online access to the Industrial Law Reports by CLJ with two (2) desktop computers available for online access.
A full-time librarian has been employed to manage the library and enquiries pertains to the library services and facilities available.
The library has been equipped with security tagging system to prevent unauthorized removal for the books from the library.

3.1 Electronic Databases

Name Features
LexisNexis Online
  • Individual User for each Selangor Bar Member.
  • Malayan Law Journal Reported
  • Malaysian Law Journal Unreported
  • Malayan Law Journal Article
  • PDF format – 1992 to current
  • Unnannotated Statutes of Malaysia
  • LexRead Malaysian E-books Digital Publications

3.2 Library Services and Charges

The library has photocopying and printing services available at RM 0.10 per page which cost has been kept low for the benefit of the members. Further, there is scanning facilities and two (2) desktop computers with internet access for members use.

Description Charges
Photocopy RM 0.10 per page
Printing RM 0.10 per page
Faxing RM 0.10 per page
Post / Courier RM 0.10 per page + Courier / Post Charges
Scan & Email RM 0.10 per page
Monday to Friday : 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays

Contact Information :
Librarian : Ms. Tulasi Aparahu
No 37, 39, 39-1 & 41-1 Jalan Bola Jaring 13/15,
Section 13 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel : (603) 5519 6219, ext. 111/112
Email : tulasi@sgorbar.org / secretariat@sgorbar.org


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