06th September, 2022

Dear Members & Pupils of the Selangor Bar,

Kindly be informed that the Malaysian Bar has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with the Board of Counsellors (Malaysia), whereby the Bar will pay for a maximum of five counselling sessions for Members. Registered counsellors appointed by the Board of Counsellors (“panel counsellors”) will provide the counselling services under this programme, which will run until 7th January 2023.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and the Malaysian Bar wishes to reassure Members that the identity of the Member seeking counselling will be known only to the panel counsellor whom the Member approaches, and the Board of Counsellors. In accordance with the provisions of the MoU, the identities of Members seeking assistance will not be made known to the Bar Council.

The Selangor Bar encourages Members who require assistance to contact any panel counsellor in the list of panel counsellors, available here on the Malaysian Bar website. The list of panel counsellors will be updated from time to time, when changes are made by the Board of Counsellors.

Please click here to view a set of Frequently-Asked-Questions (“FAQ”), available in English and Bahasa Malaysia, regarding the programme. Members are encouraged to review the FAQ to learn more about the programme before making use of the counselling services.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the programme, kindly contact the Board of Counsellors at 03-8323 2522.

Thank you.

Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Selangor Bar Committee


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