22nd June 2021

The Conveyancing Practice Committee Selangor Bar (“CPC of Selangor Bar”) led by the Chairperson, Nurul Muhaniza Binti Hanafi, had a meeting with the Encik Haji Najmuddin bin Jemain, the District Officer (“DO”) of the Hulu Langat Land & District Office (“PDT Hulu Langat”) together with his fellow officers on 26.4.2021.

The CPC of Selangor Bar wishes to update members on the following matters that were raised: -

(1) Transactions at PDT Hulu Langat are done based on appointments with two different slots made available;

Mondays to Wednesdays - open to lawyers
Thursday & Fridays - for public

Members are to take note of the arrangements above.

(2) Issue: CTC Court Order.

a. CPC Selangor Bar brought up the issue of the need for submitting a CTC Court Order from Court that was originally filed through e-Filing. Presently, Courts are reluctant or do not want to provide a CTC of the Court Order because verification can be made via the e-Filing system. CPC informs that there is a barcode that could be scanned to ensure it’s a valid Court Order.

b. Solution: The DO took note of the Barcode for Court Orders issued via e-Filing system. Puan Ziela, head of the Administration unit, Land Administration informs that a CTC of a Court Order is not required save and EXCEPT if the list of Assets or any part of the attachments are not the same as per the Court Order.

(3) Issue: Biometric thumbprint for Perfection of Transfer and Charge Cases.

a. The CPC Selangor Bar advised that there is no need for a biometric thumbprint for Perfection of Transfer and Charge cases; especially where Developer Companies are involved.

b. Puan Ziela pointed out that there is indeed a need for a biometric thumbprint for property sub-sale valued at RM2,000,000 and above for landed property AND RM1,000,000 and above for strata property. However, she agrees that there is no need for the Developer Company to be make arrangements for a biometric thumbprint for perfection cases.

c. Puan Nurul requested that the issue of the Purchaser being called for investigation to be uplifted as there is no need for such an investigation. Puan Nurul also went further to propose that this investigation need not to be done as no there is necessity for the same.

d. Puan Nurul highlighted that for perfection of transfer; whereby, to proceed with execution up to the presentation for the transfe,r multiple steps need to be completed and requirements to complied with similarly with sub-sale transactions that the Purchaser purchases with loan assistance.

e. The DO states that he will discuss this matter further with his officers to evaluate the situation and will inform the CPC Selangor Bar on a possible solution soon.

(4) Timeline for attestation appointment at PDT Hulu Langat.

a. Appointments for attestation are done by way of email. For every working day, about 10 appointments are attended to.

b. For other matters, in a day, there is a queue for 50 numbers to be attended to and for each number called out, up till 3 presentation transactions can be performed.

We trust that this information will be useful to guide our members in the dealings with the Hulu Langat Land & District Office. The CPC of Selangor Bar will continue to engage with the Hulu Langat Land & District Office and welcomes members to highlight issues that they face and provide constructive suggestions to make practice more conducive for everyone.

Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Selangor Bar Committee


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