26th April, 2021

Dear Members & Pupils of the Selangor Bar,

The Selangor Bar wishes and hopes to be in solidarity with those most in need of aid and assistance during the holy month of Ramadhan.

This is a significant initiative undertaken by the Syariah Sub-Committee of the Selangor Bar and this food aid drive is to meet the needs of, and reduce the financial burden of destitute families. The aim is to offer comfort to the more vulnerable segments of society on the occasion of the holy month of fasting, a month of sharing marked with generosity.

Please be advised that the Ramadhan food aid drive is primarily intended to provide food to needy families observing fasting during Ramadhan. However, we hope to extend the same aid to non-Muslims or other charitable organisations with such needs as well.

For those who are interested and wish to donate, we encourage you to bank in your donations to:- CIMB Bank Account: 8001949396 (Selangor Bar Committee) with the reference "Ramadhan food aid" before 05th May 2021 (23 Ramadhan 1442).

Thank you for joining our Ramadhan Food Aid Drive.

Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Selangor Bar Committee


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