31st March, 2021

Dear Members and Pupils of Selangor Bar,

The Selangor Bar Committee had recently received complaints regarding the parking of motor vehicles at the Petaling Jaya Court Complex in that there were insufficient parking lots for lawyers at the 4-level multi-storey carpark at the PJ Court Complex. Upon receipt of these complaints, the Selangor Bar Committee immediately requested for a meeting with Tuan Haji Jamaludin Bin Haji Mat (Sessions Court Judge and Head of PJ Court Complex) to address these issues, of which he graciously accepted our said request and fixed a meeting on 26th March 2021.

At the meeting, our Committee Members had apprised him on the severity of the parking issue and made suggestions in so that designated parking lots be provided for lawyers including lots reserved for pregnant and disabled lawyers, of which will surely be a solution to this matter. On 30th March 2021, the Selangor Bar received a notification from Tuan Haji Jamaludin stating that beginning 1st April 2021 onwards, the PJ Court Complex will be implementing new parking guidelines in regard to designated parking lots. The PJ Court Complex has now provided for 15 reserved parking lots for lawyers/members of the bar (5 parking lots specifically reserved for pregnant, disabled and elderly lawyers) at the 1st Floor of the 4-level multi-storey carpark.

We hope this redesignation and reservation of parking lots will resolve the parking issues at the PJ Court Complex. The Selangor Bar Committee is extremely grateful to Tuan Haji Jamaludin for considering and granting our requests.

The said notification and the instruction as per guidelines is reproduced below for ease of reference.

Memo Penyelarasan Semula Petak Parkir Di Mahkamah Petaling Jaya

Pelan Lantai Petak Parkir Mahkamah Petaling Jaya (Aras 1)

Members are advised to please take note and be guided accordingly

Thank you.

Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo
Selangor Bar Committee


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