10th September, 2020

Dear Members and Pupils of Selangor Bar,

On Friday 4.9.2020, the Selangor Bar Conveyancing, SRE, Non-Contentious Matters Sub-Committee 2020 initiated a meeting with the Director and the officers of Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Selangor (“PTG Selangor”). Amongst the matters discussed were the implementation of the “Smartbox” system, the flow of the presentation of titles and other related matters to conveyancing practice.

The followings are the updates of the concluded meeting: -

(1) Pursuant to the recent announcement made by PTG Selangor that effective 01.09.2020, all counters for private and official searches and collections for landed and strata titles will be in full operation and that all payments for the respective searches have to be made online via Smartbox system;

(2) Members will be able to receive the results of their private land searches in PDF format within twenty four (24) hours from the date of submission via Smartbox and official search results within forty eight (48) hours  from the date of submission via Smartbox vide emails from PTG Selangor  (Please note that the results will be made available  within working days only). Members can collect the hard copy of such search results within seven (7) working days of the issuance of the presentation statement from the counters at PTG Selangor OR alternatively Members upon payment made via Smartbox system can proceed to the land office  to get the queue number and collect the search results instantly during the counter working hours;

(3) Tentatively from 7.9.2020 onwards, all district land offices in the state of Selangor will be using the “Smartbox” system for Strata Title related matters. Pursuant to the Smartbox system, members have to make online payment of the registration fees and thereafter send the documents/instruments to the respective counter and collect the presentation receipt at the counter at the respective district land office. We are given to understand that PTG Selangor will be issuing us official announcement in respect of this implementation soon;

(4) Effective 01.09.2020, the Strata Title unit of PTG Selangor (3rd floor) has opened their counters for collections of search results and documents. For the time being, the Strata Title unit will be implementing a numbering system of hundred (100) numbers per day and the number limit may be adjusted and increased accordingly;

(5) For all “Landed” presentations, Members can now collect their documents after seven (7) working days from their submission of their documents in the Smartbox. PTG Selangor officers will be issuing presentation receipts via emails to law firms. PTG Selangor has  agreed that Members  are no longer required  to wait for emails from PTG for collection/e-appointment after Members have received the presentation statements or alternatively, in the event Members did not receive any emails of the presentation statements from  PTG Selangor, Members can produce the receipts/ deposit slip issued by the Smartbox for collection of their documents ;.

(6) In respect of the “Dropbox system” issues, please be advised that PTG Selangor is still processing all documents/instruments in respect of the “Strata” presentations using the “Dropbox” system. PTG Selangor officers have explained that the progress is a bit slow since they need to ensure the clearance of the bank drafts, etc and some other documents.   Members are advised to check the status of the collection / Semakan Status Pungutan in the PTG Selangor website ( on the status of their collection. If the status of presentation is stated: “Perserahan Sedia DiPungut”, Members are to print out the said status and furnish a copy of the said print out status together with the firm’s authorisation letter for such collection before proceed with collection at the counter of Strata Title unit;

(7) In the event that the presentation statement (for Landed and Strata) is not received by Members within five (5) working days, Members are advised to check with PTG Selangor whether the presentation is rejected or otherwise. There are cases where Members have enclosed different sets of documents for a different set of presentations, resulting the non-issuance of the presentation statement;

(8) PTG Selangor has agreed to provide briefing on the Smartbox application for Members via webinar and Selangor Bar Committee will be organising the said webinar for Members soon;

(9) Members are advised to inform all their dispatch/runners/representatives of their law firms that “handwritten attendance” or other forms of marking attendance shall not be accepted by PTG Selangor. All those who come to PTG Selangor shall follow the system and/or procedure fixed by PTG Selangor and will be based on first come first serve basis;

(10) Members are also advised to inform their representatives to be patient and not to use any form of provocation or harassment against the staff of the land office/security officers/RELA or officers in charge at the land offices. Please follow the rules and procedures as set out by PTG Selangor and the district land offices.

We hope that the above shall help Members to deal with the PTG efficiently and effectively. Please be rest assured that we have been liaising and under close monitoring with the PTG for the benefit of all relevant parties. Members are welcome to give their feedback and/or suggestions to improve the systems at PTG Selangor and/or other district land offices.

Members are advised to please take note and be guided accordingly.

Thank you,

Murali Velautham
Selangor Bar Committee


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