22nd October, 2019

Dear Members & Chambering Pupils of the Selangor Bar,

Our Civil Practice & Court Liaison Chairperson, Ms.Kokila Vaani Vadiveloo and I as the Chairman of the Selangor Bar, had a meeting with the Family Court Judge of Shah Alam yesterday afternoon to highlight certain issues pertaining to practice in the family court that were raised by members.

At the said meeting, it was resolved that: -

1.An oral application for amendments will be heard in Open Court on any mistakes or ommissions in the intitulement and or the prayers sought in a petition;

2. In respect of Applications seeking exemption or dispensation of the certificate of non-reconciliation, it will be heard ex parte.

3. Members are to comply with Form 4 and Rule 7 (2) of the Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Rules when filing the Statement as to Arrangements for Children.

4. Members are advised to be extra diligent in e-filing under the correct filing code to avoid rejection of the filing.

In the meantime, the Selangor Bar Committee had been advised that the filing codes are being reassessed and simplified.

Members are advised to be guided accordingly.

Thank you,

Bernard Scott
Selangor Bar Committee


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