The library is housed on the second floor of the new Secretariat building. The new library is much larger and has been stocked with more law books and equipped with additional facilities compared to the previous library. The Committee continues to subscribe to the MLJ, CLJ and AMR law reports. The Committee has further purchased a full set of the Industrial Law Reports and subscribed for the 2007 volumes of these Reports. The Committee has also purchased nine years of the All England Law Reports thereby updating the said Reports up to year 2006. The Committee has subscribed to CLJ Online for two users. To this end two new computes have been purchased and placed in the library for the sole use of members to access this facility. The Committee considered subscribing to LexisNexis Online as well, but the subscription fee charged for the facility was outside the Committee's budget. The Committee has purchased over forty new text books for the library covering areas on civil and criminal practice as well as corporate and conveyancing practice. A full list of the books and law reports in the library can be found as a ldownloadable ink below. The Committee has equipped the library with wireless internet facilities for members' use. Members who work from their own laptops in the library will now be able to access the internet at their convenience, free of charge. The Committee has further installed a photocopier in the library for the sole use of library users. A full time librarian has been employed to manage the library. Further library management software has been installed in the library that allows for easier cataloging and referencing of library books. The library has been equipped with a security tagging system to prevent unauthorized removal of books from the library. The need for such security measures is unfortunately necessary considering that library books have gone missing in the past. As at 1st July 2006, the library has been opened on Saturdays from 9.00am to 12.30pm. This would allow members who are not free on weekdays to be able to make use of the library on the weekend. Usage of the new library has certainly increased compared to before with an average of three members visiting the library on weekdays and approximately one to two members using it on Saturdays. It is evident in this report that the Committee has invested substantially to improve the library. The Committee is committed in ensuring that Selangor Bar members have access to a well stocked and well equipped library. The Committee is optimistic that more members will benefit from the improved library, which in turn will justify further expenditure on further improving the library.
1. CLJ Online. Has been installed in two computers in the library.This Facility enables members to conduct online research of the CLJ Law.Reports as well as Industrial Law Reports. Local online database providing access to case law, statutes, articles, practice directions, glossary and foreign case law. Unreported Malaysian case law from 1894 onwards is also available.Members will be charged a nominal fee for use this facility at the rate of RM 5.00 for every 30 minutes of use.Members & Pupils who wish to printing materials shall be charged RM 0.20 per copy. 2. Legal Workbench. An online service by the Singapore Academy of Law consisting of Singapore Case Law,The Heritage Law Reports, Malayan Law Journal (MLJ) from 1932, the Straits Settlements Law Report, Federated Malay States Law Report, Malayan Union Law Report, English case law from the Law Reports and the Weekly Law Reports from 1865 onwards, Indian Supreme Court Cases (SCC) from 1969, Secondary legal materials, Singapore Legislation, Singapore Parliamentary Reports, Singapore Treaties etc. 3. Internet Access. Has been equipped with wireless Internet Access.Therefore members who work from their own laptops in the library will be able to have Free Access to the Internet, at their convenience. 4. Photocopy & Faxing. Members & Pupils who wish to photocopy materials shall be charged RM 0.20 per copy and faxing RM 0.50 per copy. -Therefore members who work from their own laptops in the library will be able to have Free Access to the Internet, at their convenience. Click the below links to download:
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