19th March, 2020

Dear  Members  and  Pupils,

The  government of Malaysia has imposed a movement control order on all Malaysian from the 18th till the 31st of March 2020. 

Due to this we had no choice but to shut down the Selangor Bar Secretariat and also the Legal Aid Department. I hope all of you are keeping well. 

I would  like  to inform  all  the  members  and the pupils  that  we  at  the  Selangor  Bar  are working from home to help all, in the event our services are required. If there are  any  queries you can still email to our Secretariat and our staffs will get back to you as soon as possible with your queries. 

Below I have also penned my personal email address if you need to liaise with me directly and I will get back to you.

Hope we at the Selangor Bar can serve all members and pupils at this trying times. ([email protected]).

Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you.

Murali Velautham
Selangor Bar Committee  


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